Small Bore - Tubslake Shooting Club

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Tubslake offers Small Bore (.22 rimfire) shooting in 2 distinct classes.  
For shooting .22 Prone target rifle then we would advise the following equipment:

.22 Single Shot Rimfire Rifle with aperture sights
Rifle Sling
Shooting Jacket
Shooting glove for the non-trigger hand
Floor Mat
Spotting Scope (optional)


For Sporting Rifle we would advise the following equipment

.22 Semi Automatic Rimfire rifle with telescopic sights

We have all the above equipment available for new members to use during their probationary period and to help determine which aspects of the sport are of interest.
Our Options
01. Prone shooting

Bolt action single shot target shooting at 25 Yards
Our Options
02. Lightweight Sporting Rifle

Semi Auto or manual action target shooting at 20 yards
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