Why Tubslake? - Tubslake Shooting Club

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Through the dedication of our fully qualified Range Officers, we are proud to be able to offer our members a choice of Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to shoot, as well as Thursday Mornings.  

Due to the size of the club there are always members available (and willing!) to help and advise both newcomers and more experienced shooters, (on just about any topic you like, in some cases!).

Our club was designed and built to be a shooting range, making it safer and easier to use for all members, including those with disabilities.

Part of the building is the members club house. With a number of comfy chairs and tables, this provides a staging area for members to talk, review their competition scores and prepare their guns prior to entering the range.  Our facilities here include a toilet and a Tea/Coffee area.  

Both of our ranges and the clubhouse are indoors and heated. Therefore, unlike many clubs, we enjoy an active membership all year round.  

We have a dedicated, private, off road, parking area adjacent to the club house, easily able to hold 30+ vehicles. No lengthy hike back to your car on a cold, wet, winters evening!
Our ranges
We have two indoor ranges, one for live cartridge shooting and the other an air weapons range. The air weapons range has 4 shooting lanes and is equipped with automatic target changers. The live cartridge range is used for .22 shooting in the prone and standing positions and also for permitted (.38 special) centrefire rifles and pistols.

.22 prone shooting has for many years been the main standby for rifle shooting in the UK and there are many competitions available. More recently Lightweight Sport Rifle has become popular and is shot standing at 20yds using telescopic sights. Gallery Rifle is also shot at 20yds, but with appropriate centrefire rifles.
Air pistol and rifle shooting is at 10 and 20m and, perhaps surprisingly, is one of the most challenging of the shooting disciplines, but is very popular being less restricted by current legislation.

We participate actively in competitions in all disciplines and new members are encouraged to join in. One of the great advantages of target shooting is that competitions are organised on the basis of a shooter's average, thus ensuring that everyone has a good chance of winning medals. We compete locally and nationally, targets being shot on our range  then the scores are passed, usually by email, to the competition organisers.  
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