Centre Fire - Tubslake Shooting Club

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At Tubslake we offer Gallery Rifle shooting for carbine and long barrelled pistol in 38 special calibre only.  This is an increasingly popular activity and most closely replaces the type of competition we used to enjoy before short pistols were banned in 1997. Using the same ammunition as the pistols but shot from short rifles called “carbines”, essentially modern replicas of the old western lever action rifles.

These rifles typically hold between 7 and 12 rounds, depending on the type. Targets are shot at 20 yards with a mixture of accuracy and timed shooting. This type of shooting is great fun with a louder bang, bigger hole in the target and using a lever action just makes you smile for some reason!

These rifles are very popular with members as the ammo is relatively cheap, cheaper still if you load your own ammunition (almost a hobby in itself!) and they are usually very accurate and easy to shoot.
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