Joining - Tubslake Shooting Club

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The club is located between Cranbrook and Hawkhurst and we shoot regularly on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings of every week, other days and times by arrangement between members.

Full membership is £50 per annum (£25 for juniors), with a range fee of £2.00 for each shooting attendance. Anyone wishing to join must become a probationer, which is for a minimum of 3 months, and pay half the annual membership fee.  During the probationary period the applicant must attend  regularly and will be coached by another club member.

Once you have completed your probation successfully and are accepted to full membership of the club, the balance of the fee becomes payable. A prospective member may attend up to 3 times on payment of the range fee only, but at the end of that period they must apply to join if they wish to continue shooting.

In the first instance a probationer member will be using the club equipment but success in target shooting means that eventually a keen shooter will need to buy their own equipment.

For membership enquiries please use the contact form.
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