.22 Prone - Tubslake Shooting Club

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25 yard .22 Prone Rifle target    (used in NSRA competitions)

25 yard Prone shooting requires a single shot rifle (not magazine fed) fitted with an aperture sight, such as the older example in the header image on this page

The target card has 10 black target "Bulls", the aiming mark, and one shot is fired at each aiming mark and the total score possible is 100.  The 10 ring is the centremost white circle and these cards are scored using 'outward' gauging, meaning the outer edge of the shot hole that touches a scoring ring counts the lower, not the higher value. These targets are supplied by the NSRA and used for both national and regional competitions.

   The targets are accurately scored by using a plug gauge which exactly matches the diameter of the bullet, as a push fit in the hole, to confirm if a scoring ring has been hit.
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